Sublimation Ink for Mimaki TX-300P (2L) - Rainbowjet Digital


Sublimation Ink for Mimaki TX-300P (2L)
Rainbowjet Digital

Premium grade, High Density Sublimation inks for Sublimation Transfer and Direct printing compatible with the PANASONIC printhead incorporated in Mimaki TX-P series printers. 

Specifically designed and formulated around the needs of printers serving the premium end of the market, where provision of exceptional and accurate colour is a requirement, or where high saturation is required with reduced ink loads.

Compatibility:  Mimaki TX300P direct to fabric printer

Suitable for all transfer papers, including super-light varieties

Standard package: 2.0L MBIS bag with corresponding SB420 chip; or 

Bulk feed direct: 5.0Kg container

Available colours: Blue, Magenta, Yellow, Black

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    Product reviews

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    Good compatibles. Brighter colour than the originals and a decent gamut. It's possible to cut back and reduce ink loads. Only issue I can see for others going down this route is that you need to profile as these inks are not a colour match to the originals, but that's also why I changed! + from me


    Seems really good. Tried it when I couldn't get hold of mimaki ink. Like the fact I can come in and print and not have to run a clean first. Yellow is very bright, so can cut that back. Magenta too. Thumbs up from me.