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.icc profile generation

Custom Sublimation Profile - Textiles - CMYK Wide Format
Rainbowjet Digital

A custom made .icc/.icm profile, ensures colours are faithfully reproduced on your specific substrate and equipment, within the capabilities of your device. This service is typically performed remotely. You will be asked to print and transfer a target file consisting of colour patches, to your textile which is received after purchase. Once transferred to your textile, send the print to us for colour measurement and profile generation. 

  • Our standard target chart is 2033 patches, 50x127cm in size.
  • Measurement colour space: CMYK
  • Measurement conditions: D65, 10 degree. 
  • Measurement modes: M0, M1, M2 and M3 (polarised) on request. 
  • Spectrophotometer: i1Pro3 Plus with i1Profiler software including profile optimizer.

Note: the larger the number of patches, the more accurate and 'smooth' the profile, however it also requires more time to measure. Please contact us if you require additional colour management support.

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    Steven Lewis

    Very good. The new profile has helped enormously. We had a very stretchy fabric that would have just taken too long to make a profile for in house, so we went here,. saved both time and money