nT Masquerade - InEdit

nT Masquerade - InEdit

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Increase your production creating
super easy colour separations.


With nT Masquerade separate your RGB files to multiple channels with just one click.

With this new Adobe Photoshop Plug-in, integrated in neoTextil Pack, you will create precise colour separations in less than five minutes. The software will make the separation accurately and automatically, you just need to select the colours you would like to separate. Export your design in PS file with channels, create multiple colourways with nT Colorations or send it directly to the customer for printing. nT Masquerade it’s perfect for complex designs and for digital printing designs.

  • Fast and Easy Colour Separations
  • The best option for complex RGB designs
  • Export multichannel, hybrid or colouration files
  • Print directly via the neoStampa Panel

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