Sublimation icc profiles for GX-series, SG3110, SG7100 with Rainbowjet SFR ink - Rainbowjet Digital

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Sublimation icc profiles for GX-series, SG3110, SG7100 with Rainbowjet SFR ink - Rainbowjet Digital

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Product details

Rainbowjet SFR ink delivers a significantly larger gamut and more saturated colour than other Ricoh sublimation inks. This product is a collection of icc profiles for common sublimation substrates using SFR and is available free of charge, just add it to your cart and checkout.

Contains icc profiles for

  • Ceramic
  • Aluminium
  • Heavyweight Polyester Fabric
  • Lightweight Polyester Fabric
  • Hardboard / MDF

Other variables used in profile generation:

  • Transfer paper: S-Race , Beaver Texprint-R, A-Sub 125gsm, TruePIX
  • Substrates: Unisub, Sublimetals, Premier Textiles
  • Printer settings: Plain paper, Quality priority, Uni-D
  • Spectrophotometer: X-Rite i1Pro3 Plus
  • Software: iPublish

Applicable Printers:

  • Ricoh Aficio SG3100DN, SG3110DN, SG3110DN/w, SG3110SFN/w, SG7100DN/w


You will receive an automated email from Rainbowjet Limited with subject "Your Digital Files" - please make sure to check your spam folder in case you don't immediately see this email. The download is a .zip file containing the .icc profile collection. Please right click and select 'Extract All' to access the profiles and place them in a convenient location.

To install the profiles on Windows devices, simply right click each one and select 'Install', this will place the profile in the correct System level folder in windows which is located here: C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers\color.

For Mac OS, move the profiles to the system level folder which is usually Username/Library/ColorSync/Profiles/. Note that access to this folder requires you to have administrator privileges.

Once icc profiles are stored in the relevant system folder, they will be accessible to any application which can make use of them.

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    Thanks for the support with setup. Great colour. Very pleased.


    Thanks for the help in resolving my browny black. Heat press temp reduced and all good! Ta