i1 Basic Pro 3 Plus - X-Rite PANTONE

i1 Basic Pro 3 Plus - X-Rite PANTONE

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Designed for imaging professionals who rely on accurate colour for their displays and projectors who want to track and verify monitor and print quality and who need to capture spot colour measurement, the i1Basic Pro 3 Plus is the answer. 

With the i1Basic Pro 3 Plus, you can quickly and easily create custom monitor and projector profiles that ensure the colours you view are true, verify soft proofs and print quality with built-in Quality Assurance (QA) tools, and easily capture and manage spot colours. 


Large aperture (8mm) with support for high brightness levels (up to 5000nits), improve emissive measurement, resulting in the best possible calibration and profiling of monitors and projectors.

Calibrates and matches multiple displays, including up to four displays connected to a single computer as well as unlimited multiple monitors connected to different computers for consistent colour viewing.

Full support for the latest video standards, including NTSC, ITU-R-Rec.BT.709 and PAL SECAM broadcast video standards.

PANTONE Colour Manager software enables accurate capture and management of spot colours and helps users build palettes of best match PANTONE colours that are auto-extracted from their own images.

Easy upgrade to i1Publish software to add complete printer (RGB, CMYK, CMYK + any four) profiling and quality control functionality, camera profiling capabilities and transmissive profiling.

For increased automation, use the optional i1iO automated hands-free chart reader or add an i1iSis 2 automated chart reader for creating printer profiles.

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